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Why You Choose Us

We work in a very small batch or with a single student thereby ensuring that your child gets proper attention. There are tests being conducted every week or fortnightly to evaluate the progress.

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THE VIVEK ACADEMY” which runs the advancemathclasses.com is fully dedicated to give your ward a competitive edge so that he/she may excel in mathematics. With this aim in view, we provide:

  1. One-on-one tuitions [if both of us can agree upon the terms and conditions laid down by “THE VIVEK ACADEMY”]. It may be all live classes or a mixture of live & video classes according to the agreement reached by both parties.
  2. You can also go for batch classes, which are very small, so that proper attention can be paid to all students. Here we provide live classes as well as some video classes.
  3. There are tests which are conducted weekly / fortnightly to evaluate the progress.
  4. Our field of service ranges from school level coaching to college level (though some services may not be currently available. Please enquire to know the full details regarding this).
  5. We also mentor students for some competitive exams (some services may not be currently available, please enquire to know the full details).
  6. You can choose the number of classes you want per week for your child, which may go up to 4+1 classes ( 4 lecture classes, live or with videos & 1 weekly test class). So in a week you may go up to 5/6 classes maximum, depending upon your needs.
  7. Finally we would like to add a note regarding our policy. We don’t cater to those whom we cannot provide premier service, that is, our intake of batches or of single students is restricted to 13 to 15 batches in all at a given period of time, to ensure proper quality of service.
  8. For some courses we provide only video classes only.
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